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Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Interpret the Day Behind the Outfit

Though I don't normally go Gucci, I've just recovered from an illness that still has me feeling weak. So, I've decided to be weak for comfortable, shimmering light disguised as darkness, while wearing a belt that will support my still-sore lower back. Since I don't feel like glamour, it's clear to me today it's time to put on the show.

Gucci, F09

If you, dear friends, on the other hand, are feeling well. I'd say the above Gucci, lean, draped drama is still an option. It's perfect for when you want to style yourself just like the moment after my favorite you-and-your-best-friend game. The one titled something like this: The "Get Dressed From Your Closet Based on the Parameters I Provide" Game. In this Gucci scenario your best friend has just said to you, "It's almost 2010, but it hasn't snowed yet. Suddenly, all you have in your closet is seventies glamour and really good shoes. You work for the top newspaper in the city, but in the evening you're going to a chocolate tasting for a local art-chocolatier developing new flavours, then after that to the opening of a new creative-fusion cocktail bar, and you won't have time to change. So, you have to be prepared for a full day of simple excellence. Got the picture? Heading to your closet? Okay, GO!"

In other words, in response to your bff's described scenario you throw together the above pictured outfit, ready to go out for whatever the two of you might come up with after the game is finished. This game, you see, is your way of creatively deciding what to wear within imagined constraints. It's a quick way of getting past the taken-for-granted gaze of the clothes you know in your closet all to well, to be forced to imagine them anew. The completion of the game is in offering to your friend his or her or zir own imagined constaints to live through, which then turns into his or her or zir outfit interpreted from that scenario. Tell me, then. What outfit do you describe to your best friend in return?


  1. Once I went to Value Village and asked my favorite employee there to help me pick out an outfit for a trip in which I would a) see an ex-gf I was trying to start something with and b) meet for the first time an (elderly) relative I'd met on the internet (who blah blah complex historical story involving his dad and my grandmother).

    I don't remember exactly what we came up with, but it was some cute little dress-and-shoe combo that worked out pretty well.

  2. wait. so, to play, does one:
    find an outfit, then describe the appropriate scenario?
    describe the scenario, then pick from one's own closet?
    describe the scenario including the imagined-closet-transformation [as in, only 70s glamour], and then pick from the imagined closet?

    i'm not quite sure about the rules.

  3. option (2); though, if you are isolated to the internet, then (3).