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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Purple Years will be Well-Shaped and Sparkle

My mother is very into the sentiment behind the first line of the poem, "When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple." That is, she's decided, now that she is older, she'll wear purple, wear it proudly, and a lot.

Other women too take up the practice, and in fact there are "wear purple" outings that get organized all over the world, though admittedly, their focus seems to be more on the red hat that my mom ignores. I walked haphazardly into one of these parades of purple and red accidentally one summer on the East Coast of the United States. There I was making my way purposefully down the sidewalk, about to cross some street to enter into a museum I couldn't otherwise visit (since I didn't live there), when suddenly a sea of purple suits and red hats rose out of the subway around me. It was rather shocking. Would I drown? Though lovely (they say drowning is actually comfortable. I refuse to believe it). I suppose that bright extravagance is part of the point--we've lived this long, we've earned it.

Seeing such behavior, I've decided to go ahead and plan for how I'll dress in old age. That way I can forego worrying about my "old age" version of such explicit style, knowing I'll enact it later. But also, it's a good reminder I am young now, and that means I get to focus on other types of youthful extravagance.

My plan-ahead attention is mainly to what will then be vintage Lanvin and Givenchy (yes, I do wish to rescue Givenchy from the poor aftermath of the post two days ago. But, also, I think Givenchy has earned both titles--the labial, and the aged. I say that with the greatest possible love for the label.) Following are the pictures to go into an imaginary scrapbook for my life in the purple years.

Lanvin Fall 09, found in Vogue

Givenchy Couture 07

Chanel, Resort 2010

This one risks being a little too short for my projected age of use,
but imagine it longer, and you get the idea.

Balmain 09, image by Tommy of

Keeping with that "I need to get a blazer" theme from a few posts back,
and adding in the opulence that seems to be running my "older age" dressing plans.

And finally, the ultimate combination of the blazer with good older age style...

Karl Lagerfield, with Sebastian
image by Tommy of

Notice the younger-than-you, well-dressed man appears to be an essential accessory in Karl's outfit. May he be a model for us all.

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  1. Your version of purple is so much easier on the eyes than purple.