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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Margiela and Serge in Montreal

Those that love Montreal know it as the sight of sophisticated multi-national chic. With its bi-lingual French & English atmosphere people have immigrated from all over the world. As a result, a unique society of Quebecois + International synthesis has developed. It's a city of cultural fusion, and such conglomeration is one of the things those that know the place hold dear. Montreal hosts more coffee shops per capita than any other city in North America, a chocolate shop every few blocks, restaurants of every national variety one can imagine, and music from all over the world as well. Two different international jazz festivals, an African music festival, and a slew of art, theatre, dance, and other cultural events fill the city all summer long. Many would argue that Montreal is one of the cultural pinnacles of North America.

So, considering the level of sophistication I am pointing to, it should serve as no surprise that Montreal also boasts Chez Serge, a Molson beer sponsored bar, and home to an astroturf quonset hut ceiling, a dancing moose head covered in foam shaped brassieres, and a mechanical bull surrounded by a blow up arena. When friends lure you into dressing up in your pale green S/S 08 Margiela open toe, ankle boot heels and a blue, slim-fitting, thin-jersey knit dress for a night out of cocktails in Mile End, one of the hipper parts of the city, don't be fooled. They're actually tricking you into kicking off those heels, and hiking up that dress to around upper thigh for a hop on the back of Taureau Serge (Bull Serge) and a stab at your own best time.

Mine tonight was 36 seconds. Margiela would be horrified.


  1. cool! I have been Montreal once. I love the city!!


  2. i will wear my bull-bruises and plastic-saddle-burns with pride. cynthia vincent approves, i'm sure.