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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outdoor Markets

Montreal has wonderful outdoor farmer's markets full of local produce. Marché Jean-Talon (located in the quadrant formed by Jean Talon, to the north, Mozart, to the south, Casgrain to the west, and Henri-Julien to the east) was opened in 1933 on the site of what, until the market opened, had been a lacrosse club. The introduction of the market, it turned out, transformed the surrounding area into a shopping section of town. In the winter the open air portion of the market closes, but the chatlet, and surrounding buildings continue to sell produce, pastries, cheese, meats, coffee and other local treats. In the summers, the open air produce stands are an incredible source of color and vibrancy.

all pics taken during Paul's visit to Montreal

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  1. wow, I love that, so pretty color and fresh!!I wish they had that in Dallas.