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Friday, July 10, 2009

Transmogrification Via Star Trek Characters, Con't II

The best Star Trek moment ever in history (from the original series' movies, that is), which I choose not to Transmogrify into being a part of, though perhaps you think I should. (It continues to showcase the transmogrifying villain allure of the Khan character.)

Jim has transported into the center of a dead moon only to discover that Khan controls a Star Trek vessel and so has the power to insure no one locates Jim.

These truly are the moments James T. Kirk was written for. As Spock would put it, anything less dramatic would be a waste of material.


  1. Often imitated, never duplicated, it is Shatner at his finest (except perhaps for his musical career).

  2. Dearest Elaine,
    how are you?
    Thanks so much for your sympathy and your hugs!
    Some days are better, other days are pretty bad... Today I unwrap some of the beloved mugs of my sister which she purchased all over the world. Also some magnets for the fridge - she traveled the whole wide world (she worked as a stewardess at Lufthansa) :)
    It's very beautiful - and very painful the same time. I guess it will always be like that as she will be missed always and always and always.

    I'm sending you warmest regards, maaaaany hugs and a big kiss!

  3. PS. Did I told you I'm a Trekkie?? :)
    I loooooove Enterprise so much - I have to confess I'm a big fan of TNG, DS9 and Voyager :)
    But watched them all :-D

    Did you like the latest movie??