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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Walk in the City

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A Day of Walking in Montreal for a little bit of all the best things in the city:

A. Start walking post-rain from the place I'm staying next to Parc Mont-Royal.

B. Get coffee from La Vieille Europe at 3855, St-Laurent. It's a European-import grocery that also serves a nice selection of espresso drinks and tea.

C. Have a late breakfast at Bagel Etc. at 4320, St-Laurent. This has been my favorite place to eat in the city since before I moved here several years ago. My favorite meal from the Bagel: Europe d' L'est--Two eggs served 'over', Pepperette sausage, Homemade Dry Sauerkraut, Homefry Potatoes, a Bagel. Say "hi!" to Simon the cook for me.

D. Buy chocolat and chat happily at Chocolats Genevieve Grandbois at 162, rue St-Viateur Ouest. The Extra-vierge, the Chai, and the Le 9 are my favorites. The Safran is wonderful as well. The chocolats are all freshly made, and must be eaten with 10 days because they lack preservatives. They now also make emulsified chocolate bars that don't have to be refrigerated, and sell wonderful ice creams in the summer months.

E. Drop off Ann Demeulemeester strappy sandal heels that need repair at Tony Pappas--they're the best for shoe and leather repair. Located at 1822, avenue du Mont-Royal.

F. Stop by Shiloh's--she's not home. Stop by Luis's--he's not home.

G. Walk back to American Apparel at 967, avenue du Mont-Royal to buy two t-shirts--one gray dolmain sleeve t, and one black sleeveless v-neck.

H. Stop in at Cafe Expressions, 957, avenue du Mont-Royal for an unsweetened bitter-chocolat mocaccino, small. Wonderful, warm, not-at-all sweet chocolat chaud avec espresso. Tres bon!

I. Return to the place I'm staying next to Parc Mont-Royal. Phew.

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  1. *sigh*

    can i have a day like that pls? send in mail! I WANT A BAGEL ETC. BREAKFAST SO BAD. i was talking about this just the other day when the topic of favourite breakfast foods came up, and it turns out that no one else thinks that pepperette, delicious molasses-soaked saurkraut, and montreal bagels sound appetizing in the morning. I DISAGREE.

    man, just a little bit of m'real would do me so well right now.