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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Being Plain

I'd like to climb to the top of these bleachers, and then sit down.

I decided that my earlier post charting acceptable activity on a bicycle needed to be followed up on. I'd like to focus in today, however, on activity acceptable on and around bleachers--you know, those multi-level stair seat thingees people sit on at game parks. Obviously, how to properly behave on such equipment is an important point. So, just to be clear, I want to plainly state that I fully support the following behavior.

kissing under the bleachers. clearly fine
image from

kissing on the bleachers in the middle of an event. duh.
image from outinhollywood

kissing on the bleachers in an empty stadium. obviously good.
image from roanoketimes

I'd also like to state that it's rather difficult to find pictures of people kissing on bleachers, which makes the point that people should go out and make some. But, I'll also say that multi-level stairs are basically the same thing as bleachers, minus the sports field, so feel free to spend time hanging around those too.

kissing at the Sacre-Couer (Sacred Heart), Paris. the truest way to honor the holy sentiment, i'd think.
image by Panoramas

stopping to kiss while making your way to the top to sit down and kiss. very wise.
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