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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Hot One

I've never been a sucker for the loner, or rogue, or evil character that we trick ourselves just needs more love. I'm much more inclined to be attracted to the one with the tender heart, and fully intend to love that heart as sweetly as possible. But, I'll admit, if sucked via transport accident into an alternate universe in which the Enterprise was a ship of the Empire, instead of the Federation, I'd totally try and amp Evil-Spock's seven year cycle into happening more quickly, and more often.

Evil-Spock and Evil-Kirk in "Mirror Mirror"

Of course, if that transport accident did happen it would mean Evil-me was the one trying to love up Spock, instead of Angel-me, so, whadaya gonna do? Angel-me is still going for the sweet hearted one.

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