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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singing for Pasta

picture by the nine-year old, walking to the Farmer's Market via Aspen street

The best way to deal with the blues, I've discovered, is to let them find you at the Farmer's Market. I've not been feeling well this past week, but staying cooped up in the house (even if it does stay cooler than the hot outside) never helps for too long. So, the nine-year old and I decided the best thing to do was to put clothes on like we mean it, and go for a walk. The local Sunday Farmer's Market is only a few blocks from our house, so we walked through the neighborhood to visit with friends there at the produce stands. By the time we'd left the Market to make our way back home we'd gotten free chocolate, offers for baby sitting, almost won a "Best Dressed at the Farmer's Market" competition (I voted for the 8-year old that was the other contender), was made to accompany today's Farmer's Market musician, Tony Norris, singing John Prine's "Angel From Montgomery", and left with a pack of award-winning, small production, Italian Herb Pasta given to us for free by the maker herself. I'm telling you, it's a hell of a town.

craziest thing at the Farmer's Market (besides the locals), a Fingerling Fruit (a type of squash)

local musician Tony Norris, he's taken to getting me to sing "Angel From Montgomery" with him every time we bump into each other


  1. THAT is how you dress for a farmer's market. well done. well done, indeed.

  2. did you shred that yourself? if so, did it take 26 HOURS