No one knows what the body can do. -Spinoza

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hard Core BMX Bike Racer Friendship

Let's just imagine that the requirements for genuine friendship include nothing about having to look like this guy, but do demand being as completely, totally, utterly bad ass as he looks except that level of bad ass authenticity is all about your commitment to being present with who you are and what your friend is going through, taking up a wonderfully balanced reciprocal exchange in your ability to share and receive with your friend, being expressive of your own wants and needs so that you're accepting responsibility for who you are and the life you live, while giving your friend the opportunity to respond with what they can do and what they want or need too, and on top of that just having a really damn good awesome time together. In the best of my possible worlds, the kind of friend I am, and the friendships I have with people are so totally completely fuck-yeah as that.

image by Tom Beard, via RackkandRuin


  1. In the BMX trek of life, I am covered in dirt, my friends' and my own and yeah, we wear it well and we wear it proud.