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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Healthful Eating

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  1. super interesting.

    makes me glad that i can now back up why i stay away from farmed fish (heretofore simply a vague discomfort) and can defend my preference for fished-fish without feeling like i am personally eating fish stocks into depletion.

    it also really makes me curious about how to many people farmed fish is seen as the "ethical" choice and fished-fish as evil and environmentally unfriendly. obviously this is from lack of information, and the media/industry has done a very good job of making everyone think that farmed fish is saving the natural fish stocks, because it means that somehow we're not interfering with the natural stocks and this is allowing the human food chain to separate itself from the natural stocks and put less strain on them. this is clearly false, and it really surprises me that popular culture seems to be largely unaware of what's really involved.