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Monday, November 23, 2009

Saving the World in Red and Gray

I love the rush and stampede effect of this image.

image from Jak & Jil

The next time I am given an assignment to save the world, and I only have a very little bit of time to do it, because no one knows yet that they're all about to die, but somehow they can feel the quickening and are starting to hurry the pace of their daily lives just ever so slightly heading directly (within 2 hours and 20 minutes) into panic, remind me to hurry up and dress like Sasha here. I've got that same lipstick, and it's clear to me any of us only ever could save the world with a big enough bag, and a sheer gray hoody. Bruce Willis style saving in a white tank and no shoes be damned. How else you gonna stop the bad guy unless you've got a bag full of supplies, and a sheer garment that protects your eyes and face from the harsh blow of an autumn wind (it's always windy when the world's about to die) while still allowing you to see the evil lurching towards you, and also distracting that villainous evil bad world hater from clearly viewing your own visage? In end of the world situations, in other words, the sheer gray hoodie is just duh-ing-ly obvious.

Also, I know there is some important transmogrifying point to make about the guy on the phone. But I'm still thinking way too hard about that red lipstick, sheer gray hoodie combo to care.

See! Sasha's outfit works. That's how you distract the evil bad dude-a-lee--with simple excellent classic red and gray glory.

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  1. Awesome. And, I would use the extra strappy heels in my bag to gouge the bad guy's eyes out, but not before he/she got a really good, long look at my lipstick. Hmmm and that guy? Well, I would follow him to the nearest phonebooth, were as we instinctively embrace, we pixelate back to the mothership in order to plan our next attack and corresponding attire; analog will never truly die.