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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Morning Playlist

The last two days I've laid in bed for a while after waking up, as I mentioned yesterday. Today especially I feel the call of nothing to do. So I'm trying to respond only to what I want to do, as much as that's possible. That is, instead of getting straight up and going through the morning routine just because I'm awake, what would motivate me to get up?

With this "what do I want" mode in mind, yesterday, the 10-year old and I went out for burgers at the location of honest-to-god, the best burgers I've ever had in my life. I'm not big on burgers, actually. Except I am now because of this place. We really go eat burgers an average of three times in two weeks now.

So we went for burgers at Diablo, a local-focused restaurant--every ingredient (including the beef), except the condiments, originates from local, sustainable agriculture producers. The food tastes amazing. All burgers are served on gluton-free toasted English Muffins branded with their logo DB.

Rachel ordered "The Marilyn"--an adult size burger with aged sharp cheddar--or, what she says "should be renamed, 'Heaven.'" (Which, in case you didn't notice, is a brilliantly ironic comment from anyone since the name of the restaurant is "Diablo" (an allusion to the devil) but she wants this burger to be called "Heaven" (an allusion to, well, uh, the place the devil ain't allowed to go). But, the comment is even cleverer than that because it was generated by *a ten year old.* I love this sense of humor she's somehow grown into.) I got "The Yum" (okay, I can't remember what they call it but whoa. it's good.)--a full size yum burger with a fried over-medium egg and a spread of pesto on top. (Um... whoa. Are they open right now?) Anyway, the perfect burger to eat for brunch. After eating I realized I was tired. So, we honestly sat their for two hours at the burger bar stool, half-watching the Pittsburgh--Cincinnati College Football game (what an ending!), and working on making thin metal bracelets spin on their sides as long as possible. It was good.

Today on the agenda is the following playlist. Somehow this represents my mood this morning. Feel free to offer personality test style interpretations of me via the following list in comments.

1. "Poker Face" Lady Gaga
2. "Who By Fire" Leonard Cohen Live
3. "Love Lockdown" Kanye West
4. "Helpless" K.D. Lang covers Neil Young
5. "Those Three Days" Lucinda Williams
6. "Stormy Weather Pt. 1" Lena Horne Live
7. "Going to California" Led Zepplin
8. "Family Affair" Mary J Blige
9. "Give Yourself to Love" Kate Wolf
10. "Lake Charles" Lucinda Williams
11. "If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time" Lefty Frizzell
12. "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels" Kitty Wells
13. "Hounds of Love" Kate Bush
14. "Loving Her Was Easier" Kris Kristofferson
15. "La Vie en Rose" Michael Saga
16. "Can't Help Falling in Love" Lick the Tins
17. "La Belle et le Bad Boy" MC Solaar
18. "Are You Gonna Go My Way" Lenny Kravitz
19. "Speechless" Lady Gaga
20. "Sharp Cutting Wings" Lucinda Williams
21. "Lucille" Kenny Rogers
22. "I Try" Macy Gray
23. "Everybody Knows" Leonard Cohen
24. "Bad Romance" Lady Gaga
25. "I'm Your Man" Leonard Cohen Live
26. "Mercy Mercy Me" Marvin Gaye
27. "What a Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong

Lena Horne "Stormy Weather" 1966
(Her way of singing the song, her voice, changes significantly over the course of the career. Her later performances show her having 'grown into' it in a way she didn't show as thoroughly earlier (the 40's). Beautiful throughout her career though.)

Lady Gaga "Poker Face"
(Apologies it's hard to find this vid online without embedding disabled. Here it is but with ads. Beh.
Also, remarkably, this video is relatively boring compared to how Lady G handles her imagery now, a mere year later in her career.)

KD Lang "Helpless" (filling in for Neil Young at the Juno Awards 2005
God, she's got such a beautiful voice. Notice too: her bare feet.)

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  1. you're a refreshingly well-balanced individual, as is evidenced by the number of lady gaga songs in your playlist being in 1:1 ratio with the number of leonard cohen songs.

    your choice of music from multiple decades exhibits your openmindedness, your variety of interests, and unique way of approaching the world.