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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cars and Dresses

My nephew, who's two, is entirely obsessed with cars. It's adorable actually. He walks around clutching his red car like it's his blankee, and then when in transition from high chair to floor, or house to car seat, he'll say "dis my red car. where my green car?" which apparently got lost months ago. Not living in Alaska, I don't get to spend much time with him, though gratefully we get along quite well when I do visit. This recent trip I was on my way to hang out with a friend and he called out to his mom, "where my auntee? i just need her." Way to get your auntee's heart, little man (I call him "little man.").

Anyway, the next time I go to Alaska for a visit, if I'm at all worried about being sure to have time with little man, I might make a point of wearing this. (You know, look at the hat.)

image from V magazine
(If you can't see it well enough, it's made of cars! It's a hat made entirely OUT OF CARS!)


  1. Wonder how much that thing weighs. Apart from that, brilliant! Oliver would indeed love that, but I don't think you would need the insurance. He would want to hang with you anyway.

  2. that is really really awesome.

    i think you should just wear it, even if oliver would hang out with you anyway (right Mel? she should just totally get this and wear this).

    honestly, i am in awe of this hat.

  3. I like her shirt. certain readers (m, Daniel) would be very interested to see your recommendations for bold, avant-garde yet together men's fashion...