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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cowboys in the South

Arizona and Alabama share a common history of the cowboy, as does much of the United States, I suppose. In each of the four A states, it's still an active history--not necessarily with ranching in each case (Alaska doesn't boast a high population of cattle herding), but instead with locals sharing a genuine commitment to wearing western gear for both practical and aesthetic purposes. The town I live in in Arizona has less than 60,000 people but still hosts at least three boot-barn equivalents, for example. While spending time in Huntsville a few us checked out their local cowboy-supply store. It was so packed with western treasures the layout was honestly a challenge to navigate--not enough space. Noah drew my attention to a white palm cowboy hat upon walking into the store and I kept it on the full half hour we spent there. My pause at the door before putting down the hat was long.

Noah--The Perfect Cowboy

Enoch Among the Western Dress Clothes and Boots

Wearing the White Palm

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