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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vegan Ice Cream Taste Test Continued

I've recently come to an apparently sound conclusion. **Do not trust the recommendations of common customers in natural food stores.** Recent empirical study supports the conclusion that such people will intend good things, but steer you wrong nonetheless. I can only guess that after years of getting by on less-than-adequate, but-still-healthy foods, they've gotten used to eating things that taste remarkably bad.

As you may recall, the ten-year old and I have done ample work on tasting and eating Vegan ice cream options. We set out to purchase and try every non-dairy ice cream option we could get in the same flavor --chocolate. At the time, there was one brand that usually sells in chocolate but wasn't available --Freezees Fudgee Fudge. The other customers that were there, also looking for ice cream, all recommended two types --Soy Dream ice cream, and Freezees Fudgee Fudge. Our original taste test proved Soy Dream to be the worst of the tasting options available, and in fact so bad we wouldn't eat again even mixed into really horrible ice cream shakes. But Freezees Fudgee Fudge wasn't available for sale so we waited for months excited to try what must be the best non-dairy ice cream ever.

Finally, two days ago the ten-year old and I were able to get Freezees Fudgee Fudge. Tonight we tried it.

Cashew-Based Ice Cream
1. Freezees Fudgee Fudge
5 point rating system--5 being yum; 1 being absence of yum

Me: (tasting the Freezes Fudgee Fudge) "Um..."
The Ten-Year Old: "How is it?"
Me: "Go ahead and try it."
The Ten-Year Old: "No. Tell me first."
Me: "No. No. Just try it. I had to try it. Go ahead and try it."
The Ten-Year Old: "No. Tell me."
Me: "No. Go ahead."

long pause...

The Ten-Year Old: "Oh God! Oh the after taste! The after taste! Oh my god! You let me try that!"

The Ten-Year Old Rating: on a five point scale: 0

Me: Oh, come on. Honestly, it's better than Soy Dream.

The Ten-Year Old: Okay, right. It's better than Soy Dream.

Final Rating on a Five-Point Scale:


  1. hahahaha

    oh, i miss the ten-year old. you two are fun people, and make me laugh.

  2. It's cashew-based?

    You thought the coconut-based one was best, right?

  3. freezee's fudgee fudge is cashew based, yes.

    and, yes, the coconut is wonderful. check the link on the current post for our review of those. so delicious (not soy dream or soy delicious) is a good coconut choice, but Coconut Bliss is also quite good.