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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Drinking Bubbles Alone Because It Is Snowing

Varnier-Fanniere Brut Champagne Grand Cru

"I love that. I could drink it everyday with breakfast."

Flavors of ginger. Light on the bread. Foam and crisp in the mouth. Makes me crave an omelet with brie and spinich inside. It would balance well the flavors with this. It tastes of breakfast.

This is a firm blanc de blanc. It asks for teeth to chew on the flavors a bit. The sharp brightness of the chardonnay, of course, with the slight stem-like woody flavor of it too. But it is a well-balanced blanc de blanc, leaning into hints of cheese with ginger and pear.

The flavors stay long in the mouth. I could even call it sinewy, which surprises me. But the strong, long, lean, stick-to-your-mouth of it makes sense of this. I will drink this again.

I am drinking this champagne alone. But this is a wine to make sense of drinking alone. Something I've never been inclined towards. But champagne is for tasting, and for putting sparks in your mood. This champagne is sharp in a way that quickens the peace of alonetime, if you must have it. Though it could lead towards humor with the right drinking partner. I would, to be honest, prefer to drink this with good, laughable stories mixed alongside. It reminds me that in this town I am a little lonely. Though we have started making friends.

My sister is in Alaska. I am in Arizona. She is the first I began a tradition of drinking champagne with, though since I have introduced the habit into friendship with others. The snow is falling outside. She had mentioned snow there last night. We have had so much snow here this winter, but all so sudden and quick, rather than steady over months, that it makes me sardonic and edgy when it falls. The bubbles are my solution to find a sense of calm.

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  1. delicious! i hope to share a bottle with you some snowy day, friend.