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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anonymous Gifting; Driveway Plowing

I have to say that days like this make me think I must have one of the most wonderful lives ever.

I posted a couple of days ago about the anonymous gifts I've recently received in the mail, and to repeat: I LOVE THAT I'VE BEEN RECEIVING SOME. It's quite sweet.

Well, this weekend, and the first couple days of this week we've gotten snow here in Flagstaff. The driveway has gotten a little bit buried, and I'd only bothered to shovel just enough snow to get the car in and out of the space. But, I've been expecting visitors over the next few days, so I had it in mind that I'd need to get out there and shovel more of the driveway to make room for an additional car. In many ways I was dreading the job because expecting visitors also means dealing with things like cleaning the house, and preparing food, etc. When do I have time to shovel?

So, I went off to work today. Then, my daughter had drum lessons after school so I went to the wine loft downtown to hang out with my friend that runs the place, and drink some champagne while doing it (wine notes posting tomorrow!). I got home in the late evening, after dark, but when I pulled up in front of the house, and the headlights cascaded across the driveway I realized someone had actually plowed my driveway for me at some point in the course of the day. They'd left no note. They'd simply cleared the snow out of the way so I could pull in all the way to the back, if I wanted or needed to. How sweet is that? I love the surprise of it.

To whoever it was, to the beauty of it, to the joy I've received from it, Thank you!

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  1. So awesome! Love the love!

    A friend felt compelled to shovel a neighbor's drive early in the morning here in Lexington...turned out the husband suffered heart failure and they were able to get to the hospital fast because the way had been cleared!

    Love hearing of Good News being done in the world!