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Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Gifts: Though This One Isn't Anonymous At All. It's Just Sweet!

Man, it's nice to have good friends.

Way back when Kim and I went to the same high school, and worked for the school newspaper together. She and I were doing this so long ago the layout work had to be done cut-and-paste by hand, not like we mean now when we talk about using the computer cursor to hightlight, then cut and paste text. I'm talking real life metal scissors and a bucket of honest to goodish gooey paste. Ever heard of 'em?

Now Kim is the author of a popular and fabulous, multi-award winning blog that showcases hilarious stories of her family triumphs, and hysterical renditions of her dealing with life as a home schooling mom, and wife of a Ph.D. student. But that's not all. She's a generous, warm hearted, idea sharing friend. It's been wonderful to reconnect with her after all these years of living in radically different parts of the country. Since doing so, we've shared insights about parenting, about the idea that we're basically in newspaper class ALL THE TIME NOW via our blogs, but minus the real life scissors and paste (dang it! i like scissors and paste.), and just today she went through the trouble of making me my very own blog button.


The brand spanking new "I Look Good Wearing High Heels And So Can You" E3P2S blog button, custom made by InsanityKim.

She's coached me on some of the html stuff too, and it turns out that if you wanna put this blog button onto your blog, all you gotta do is (via computer, sans scissors and paste) cut and paste the html code that's on the right hand side of my blog, below the picture of the E3P2S button, and stick it into the html gadget offered in the layout options of your blog. Or, you could just snag the image with a save-image option, and then stick it into the picture gadget of your blog layout helper.

Friends are so nice. Thanks for your generosity, Kim!

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  1. Yay! So much fun! Totally loving being able to have the opportunity to share expressive, introspective and fun artistic media and ideas with the world and with you!!!