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Friday, September 17, 2010

Starting Slowly

It's good to have good friends.

Kate asked me to get back to blogging, cause obviously I haven't posted in a while. My life has recently gone through so many changes (since Spring really) that I've been feeling private and reflective, and in ways that have made me unsure what to write about on here. But, in the midst of all that I appreciate Kate's prodding. So, I've decided to take up her request, and start simply.

You may recall from many a previous post, that Kate and I like to get dressed up, and celebrate that interest. So, as a way to ease back into blogging, I'll start with a simple outfit picture and see what happens from there. Turns out, the ten-year old I live with loves to play with the camera, and so was excited to take these for me.

To mention another good friend, Sasha is quick to say she often hates what I wear, but loves that it somehow does something for me. She's also kindly said that it inspires her to go ahead and try things with her own getting dressed routine. Earlier today I sent her a quick text to let her know I was wearing an outfit she'd hate. She responded that she was pleased to know I was out there challenging her "Midwestern sensibilities." Sasha, this is that outfit.

for those wondering:
wearing black complex geometries top, with gray sleeveless cardigan,
black maria severnaya fabric wrap belt,
black leather and wool ann demeulemeester leggings, and black leather mihara sandals

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  1. love it. still looking for the right pair of leather pants. hearts!