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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alternate Reality Day Dreaming

In some alternate reality I've fallen into a romantic relationship with a wonderful man, and we're on vacation for the week. He's arranged the whole thing as a surprise (honestly, when it comes to gifts, trips, parties, and romantic visits, the idea of happy surprise greatly pleases me), and we're staying here.

Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise, Oregon

So, we snuggle up squeezed into our cozy fluff bed with the greenish-yellow glow of morning light from the sun pouring through trees washing in every morning. Wisely, he's packed
the Bodum French Press, and fresh ground coffee, and we start the morning with berries and yogurt besides.

There are hiking trails through the autumn forest, and a little further we could walk all the way to the Oregon coast, stopping along the way to eat a dry salami sandwich with fontina cheese. Turns out he also snuck a bota of Italian red wine, as well as a pelligrino into the bag without me looking for when we get thirsty, and we spend most of our days wandering the forest hillside trails. In the evenings there's a fireplace in that little treehouse that we rest in front of smiling while we lean against each other. At night, we can smell the ocean air, and we sleep.

Really, it's a simple little holiday. Simple, with company, sounds wonderful right now.

Cheers to happy dreaming!

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  1. One of the things I like about alternate reality day dreaming is you don't have to ask yourself if you're ready, or how it would happen, or who the other people involved would be in much detail. It's some alternate world in which all those things simply come together and work.