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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Costume Inspiration

As some of you know, I like costuming. I like the challenge of developing a detailed and cohesive presentation of an idea--of thinking through the abstract ideas behind the character, and then figuring out how that persona would appear in actual concrete details. Currently I'm working through what I might want to wear and be for an upcoming costume party, as well as for the classic October costume holiday, Halloween. Here's some pics from costumes I've had in the last couple of years.

A Philosopher's Dream: The Sense Datum

Communist Costume Party: Chairman Meow

A Dark Angel: Dark Doesn't Mean Bad

For the upcoming costumery all I've got sorted out so far is the following: a series of aesthetic images and feelings, as represented by the following pics.

feather wing machine, by rebecca horn
i like the combination of organic and mechanical; sculptural nature

androgynous bad ass; interesting other worldly effect

givenchy couture, a/w 2010
again, interesting combinations here--bad ass over the top couture chic

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  1. awesome (and though this adjective is obvious and banal, it is no less heartfelt).

    can't wait to see a shot of your feather neck-shoulder-thingy.