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Monday, October 18, 2010

Donning the Raven

My friend Shiloh had a "Who's your doppleganger in an alternate universe?" costume party this weekend. The now-11 year old and I drove North to Montreal to be there for it. I figured, though, that if we were going to drive 3+ hours for one overnight to attend a costume party, I'd better fully commit to a costume of extravagant fantasy. So, I went dressed as a Shape Shifting Raven in the guise of a woman.

My friend and hair dresser Andrea Harrison did an AMAZING job with my hair. First, here are pics of the hair she designed for me after I described the feel, and character I was going for. She's wonderful!

The hair with feather collar to accent Andrea's great work...

Here's some pics of the costume and makeup. My friend Pam Wilkinson made the incredible cape. Unfortunately, there aren't any full length photos of the cape from the back, but you can see it in the outside pic, where I'm sitting down, and draped off the arms in the standing indoor picture.

Hair by Andrea Harrison
Rubber Dress Atsuko Kudo, Cape Pam Wilkinson, Feather Collar Love Child Boudoir, Skull Hell Angel Ring Alexander McQueen, Shoulder Chain Harness LitterSF, Violet and Sterling Gray Colored Contacts

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  1. you look beautiful elaine. you channeled the wise and powerful raven really well - i hope the cape looked like wings unfolding when you walked!