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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Letter To The Now-11 Year Old On Her Birthday

Dear R*****,

Your mother wrote letting me know it is your birthday, asking if I might have a message for you on your day. Congratulations on turning 11! Totally cool. I hope you have awesome plans with your friends at school and later with your family. 11 was one of my funnest years. I hope you love fifth grade too. Aren't you learning the best stuff?

I've been lucky getting to do what I love. Remember you can choose that too--what is it that you love? Live big this year. Be sure you listen to your mom, but remember she loves you and you can talk through stuff together, even when she doesn't like your taste in music. laugh.

Wishing you a super awesome year!

p.s. Enclosed is a photo that is kind of embarrassing, but your mom thought you'd appreciate seeing that I'm really a regular person. xxoo --S

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