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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Help Fight Leukemia, Help Support Leukemia Patients

Aidan's Monsters's Vampire

As you have likely noticed I've got a button in the sidebar of this blog encouraging registration for being a bone marrow donor. The unfortunate truth is that many many people diagnosed with leukemia never find a suitable match. However, there is a bone marrow registry where from a simple cheek swab your information can be entered into a database that is then searched when hard to match patients need help. If you are ever selected as a possible donor the procedures required are incredibly simple and can save someone's life. Clicking on the Got Marrow?! button will take you to the registry page, but you can also explore around that same site to get more information on how it works.

Here's another awesome way to help out a particular and current leukemia patient. A five year old boy named Aidan was diagnosed with leukemia. Unfortunately, his family's health insurance wasn't going to be able to cover the full cost of Aidan's treatments. The family was worried that their home might end up vulnerable to the financial needs of the situation. Then they came up with an idea. Aidan loves to draw and so the family began selling his pictures via the awesome site Etsy. Check out the Etsy shop Aidan's Monsters where Aidan's drawings are available for purchase at wonderfully affordable prices. Personally, I'm thinking the vampire is a must.

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