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Thursday, November 18, 2010

OMG I Love Etsy!

You HAVE TO love a site that offers hand knit Foks scarves in multiple colors.

I'm torn between whether the gray or the white is my favorite.

But, honestly, etsy is full of SO MANY treasures. Here's more:

These are the simplest thing, but I love the idea of pinning them to a cork board and hanging them against an off white wall as decoration.

French Alphabet Cards

What a fabulous bag:

Leather Messenger Bag

This is my favorite. A miniature handmade book on a necklace. I love the idea of wearing this, or a few of them. The idea of it captures a lot about a person (me, I suppose) that would wear it, I think.

Miniature Leather Journal

Etsy's a fabulous spot to search for unique treasures and gifts, or simply for inspiration in people's great ideas and talents.

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  1. i love the knitted pelts! such an interesting and excellent idea.