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Monday, December 6, 2010

Fashionary Journal Coolness!

Since it is a THING BUYING time of year, I want to post stuff I think is cool as I come upon them as a way to give people new ideas.

A few years ago when shopping for presents for my family I got stuck without ideas at one point. I decided the best thing to do was to go into a shop I expected to not find a SINGLE THING for ANYONE in my family as a way to kind of clear the storyboard and get new ideas. I went straight into the motorcycle leathers store. It was wonderful, really. I found a pair of moto-leather pants that I bought after the woman offered to sell them to me at 50% off even though they'd only been on sale for 15% off. Then I found a moto-jacket I still wish I'd purchased for myself all these four years later. But, I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SHOPPING FOR MY FAMILY. The next shop I went into, sure enough, I saw with new eyes and successfully finished my holiday present shopping that evening.

Here's a cool thing that likely has no real use for any of us, but is simply excellent nonetheless and might inspire new thought for some of us too. I like idea too of using it as a regular journal to incorporate both images and text for those of us that aren't actually fashion designers.

Check it out!

Fashionary Journal and Design Dictionary

It hosts both drawing templates and blank pages, plus pages of pattern and design shapes. There is both a women's fashion, and a men's fashion version.

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