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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Holiday Wish List for the Little One

My daughter keeps pushing me to come up with a list of what I want for Christmas. Honestly, thought she's been asking me for at least A MONTH, I hadn't thought of anything AT ALL. For one, I don't tend to think on things I'd like other people to get and give me generally. And for two, I've had lots of planning to do lately (more on that in a future post) and so the idea of receiving presents that I pre-selected was LOW on any priority list.

But, searching around the internet today I happened upon a couple of things I really do love. So, following is my Christmas Wish List. It's one of those lists full of things that make me glow to know are in the world out there, whether I ever happen to own any of them or not. With that in mind, I think of this as my "make the world sunnier" list of holiday goods.

#1 Oh! I love camels!

Sharon Montrose has an AWESOME collection of animal prints, including a number of photographs of baby animals that are heart wigglingly cute. Oh lord! But the camel is one of my favorite animals so I'm most especially drawn to the idea of the above print framed and hanging in my (future) natural-light filled home.

#2 Oh! I love birds and have very much enjoyed the friendship of several macaws.

In case you need more convincing of how awesome her pictures are. Here's more evidence. Isn't this lovely? Wouldn't you just love to see it in my living room with sunlight pouring across it as the day begins?

#3 Um... yum. Really.

Busy Bee Cake

Several years ago I ordered this cake for my sisters and I for Christmas. The three of us each love marzipan, so we reveled in this yumminess for the holidays. It was a gorgeous combination of marzipan, white cake, and dark chocolate layers. Oh so lovely.

#4 Sigh.

Salmon Berries and Crow Berries Mixed--Agutuk

In Alaska I grew up eating Native foods. The one I miss the most is dried fish and seal oil, which, I realize, grosses a lot of people out. So good though. But my very favorite food will always be salmon berry agutuk. (The berries are named "salmon berry", there isn't salmon with the berries. Though, honestly, a lot of people mix that in too.) I rarely get to eat it anymore, though it was our number one treat growing up.

#5 Sigh Some More

Yupik Style Smoke Fish (Salmon)

The other food that I will always be my favorite is smoke fish. Don't ask me more. I can't talk about it. It's too hard to live without. Ai-yi-yi.

#6 Yay!

The one thing I'll miss when we leave the area is the King Arthur Flour Baking Shop. They have baking classes for both home bakers, and professionals, and a world of baking related products. EVERTHING they make, and sell so you can make stuff at home is awesome.

#7 The Holiday Spirit Extended Through Out the Year

Honestly, more than anything else, what I'd actually like is all kinds of donation generosity sent to the River's Crest Dragon Slayers facility. Josef Rivers's is director of the program that provides animal therapy for physically challenged children and adults. The lessons are free to those students that qualify, and it is run almost entirely through volunteer work, and donations. He is always in need of more assistance.

Please visit the facilities website. It has information about the program, and also inspiring photographs of students, as well as ranch events. There is a link on the website for donating to them directly via paypal, there is also information on the site for mailing donations. All donations are also tax deductible.

Here is the ranch web link:

Here is the link directly to their donation page:

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