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Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Day: Why I Love Day 1: Kittee Hussein Isacat

reasons i love kittee hussein isacat, by lily-elaine hawk wakawaka

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years ago i found myself in a financial crisis and in the midst of it as a total surprise received a box full of heart warming gifts from best bb beloveds. one of the treasures of the box was a collection of baked goods from the beautiful venerable kittee hussein isacat. the one i remember best was a mini-bundt spice cake with chocolate chips and ginger, i think. another time when i was in more of a state of personal crisis (though not the sort in which you poop your pants and walk around in it having forgotten what to do in such a situation) she did prayers and wishes and rituals for me, sending me blessings through the ethers to help smooth the path and move me forward. kittee's blessings are some of the most powerful there are. my path was smoothed. my heart was brightened. i know i have gotten to where i am today partly through her most powerful wishing for my good. kittee knows the need for a base coat beneath your red nail polish. she knows the incredible gift of red nail polish. and of other colors too. she knows why it is important to put on lipstick. and then at other times to not. she has almost viciously, luciously curly hair. she has chickens. she goes out in search of plums for them. PLUMS! FOR HER CHICKENS! did i mention she has chickens? and her own dear house. with its own dear yard. and its own animal loves that visit the yard. she loves with an incredible heart. those that know her are lucky to catch the pulse of this love even through quick visions as told by her stories. she has chosen a beautiful life for herself. she likes bright colors. she strums the ukulele and imagines writing songs about stabbing people and then loving them back to health again but stabbing them only in her imagination because something about that imagining is honest and good and healing for us all. she knows the power of a 4-inch high, high heel with a 2-inch platform, and why it is important, when it comes to shoes, to have the right pair of pumps. she looks fantastic in things like pencil skirts and that whole 50's style. she likes cute shoes. she rocks it in cute shoes. she's got the fiercest walk i've ever seen, whether she's wearing heels or not. even i haven't seen her in person in several years now, she is a clear image in my mind's eye that i take around with me for inspiration. she loves good smelly lavender. she loves tea. she loves her friends. she deserves so much good love. she is lovely. she is love. she is loved. amen.