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Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Start the Day Happy, by lily-elaine hawk wakawaka

because i love Robin. love to you today, Robin!

1. Wake up.
2. Pray pray pray. Include what you're wishing for, what you need, what you're grateful for in your prayer, then give it away. (Go with God.)
3. If you're feeling angry, guttural scream into your pillow then punch it several times and tighten up all the muscles of your body and shake in place till you're tired from it. Then pray again (see 2).
4. Laugh at how bad your breath is.
5. If you live with kids go see them in their beds. Climb in. Whisper "I love you" and then wiggle wiggle wiggle and tell them it's the best thing to do when you're happy. Take in their response (even if it's cranky). Then wiggle again.
6. Take your pro-biotics. THEN make your coffee.
7. Eat a banana.
8. Eat your favorite love-yum foods (fruit).
9. Only put on clothes you love. Or eyeliner and lipstick.
10. Whenever you're outside look up. It's the sky!

what's your list?

1 comment:

  1. just a few things:
    1. wake up
    2. stretch out to fill the bed and feel the soft sheets on your skin. snooze.
    3. (if you're having a sleep over with a romantic partner) curl into the space beside the person beside you, nuzzling your nose into their neck. find their ear and sniff it like a puppy making them squirm a little. nuzzle in again.
    4. make really really good coffee (applicable at 6 above).
    5. squish the kitty (if there is one)
    6. sing along to the song that you woke up with in your head - play it on your way to places if you can.

    love you!