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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Iconic Photo: Photo 18

One of the elements of considering iconic images of inspirational women for me is the understanding that each of these women are real women living their daily lives in incredible accomplishment. As I've considered each of the women I've posted a picture of here they have stood for me as a reminder of how every single one of us can devote our lives to what we believe in and make remarkable things happen. I spent today meditating on who to select asking myself, who has inspired me in my life? In the midst of this process I realized I had a clear answer to that question--who has inspired me? The answer: my dear friend Kim.

Kim and family

Kim was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She excelled at art and writing and used such interest to develop her abilities in hand made jewelry and publishing as well. At the age of 16 Kim was lucky enough to meet the love of her life at a high school dance. Mutually recognizing their connection they dated for several years until then getting married in their early 20's. Kim's dedication to her family brought them out of Alaska to the South where her husband is now in the process of completing a PhD program. Recognizing that the public school system was not an ideal match for her children Kim shifted her career focus in order to develop a home schooling program that would work for her two children. She took her time at home to also dedicate herself to developing a widely loved, highly humorous blog where she writes on the trials of family life, homeschooling, and everyday matters ranging from discovering your own hidden diva (love your arm pits!) to standing for hours on end to help develop heart health. Her blog has connected her to a wide net of other bloggers that not only share in the process of blogging their own lives and projects, but also finding each other as deep wells of support.

Through the radical changes associated with moving from Alaska to the South, health scares that have faced her family, the incredible demands of having a husband in the midst of a PhD program, Kim has acted with both faith and grace sharing her experience honestly with others, and sharing her knowledge and understanding with those that are lucky enough to be in contact with her too. Further, she has regularly extended her care for others either in daily conversation, or as she knows they are struggling with personal demands.

On a personal note: my own contact with Kim has served as an incredible source of inspiration. Her open hearted dedication to her life choices, her family, and her friends has consistently reminded me how much is possible in my own life--that when I step up with grace and faith I too can live a life of everyday miracles.

To read more about Kim and share in her good humor, check out her blog A Parent's Life to Behold.

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  1. SO honored to be in this journey with you. Thank you so much. Lots of hugs and love and continued mutual inspiration and encouragement and blessings!!!! Yay!