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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Katherine Hepburn

Cold sober I find myself fascinating. --Katherine Hepburn

Though her success in Hollywood started early, in an interview about her time in the public spotlight, Katherine Hepburn said, "Who is this Katherine Hepburn? It took me a long time to create that persona."

One of the most iconic women of Hollywood, Katherine Hepburn stands as a wonderful reminder of someone making their own way. She was known for having a direct, and determined persona at a time when women were not celebrated for such traits. It was also commonly understood that if she did not like you, there would be no doubt about the truth of it. She felt free to let people know. As a result, her career in film started to disappear. No one would hire her. So, Hepburn appeared in the Broadway play THE PHILADELPHIA STORY. Seeing what a success the play was, and how well loved the characters from it were, Hepburn bought the film rights to the story and waited. Years passed but eventually Hollywood went to her in an attempt to begin the movie production process for the story. She told them they could only have it she got to reprise her hit Broadway role. The move worked and with the release of THE PHILADELPHIA STORY movie her career was again a success.

In the 1940s Hepburn met Spencer Tracy, the man she would come to characterize as the love of her life. In the 50s the two spent little time together, but in the 1960s when he became ill Hepburn took five years off from her own career to care for and be with him. Tracy was married but a devout Catholic he refused to divorce. Still, theirs is considered one of the most recognizable and ultimately devoted relationships in Hollywood history. Upon his death, Hepburn avoided Tracy's funeral out of respect for his family.

Katherine Hepburn was also known for lending her name to a variety of political and social causes. As a result, she was awarded the American Humanist Award in 1985, and given numerous forms of recognition, including a dedicated garden, and theatre, after her death.

She is the only actress ever to receive four Academy Awards for Best Actress, having been nominated twelve times. She has also won Emmys, Tonys, and eight Golden Globes. In 1999 the American Film Institute ranked her as the greatest female star in the history of American cinema. She was also one of the first women in Hollywood to do all of her own stunts herself. When asked about her reasons she remarked, "The stunt women never stand up straight enough."

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  1. holy mother of god i love her so much. i love her. i wish to channel her in all my day-to-day dealings.