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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Working on a Costume: Incohate Inspirational Imagery

I'm working on designing a ensemble for an event this upcoming weekend. I have vague ideas, but no good sense of what I'll actually choose to wear yet. It's a public dance party that encourages costumes, basically. The following images are my weird mix of aesthetic inspiration that I'm working with to hone in on the feel of what I want to wear and how I want it to look--from there arises the choices of what actual clothes and accessories I'll don.

* * *

My thought is: always start with something that makes you happy, so I begin with a picture of the man I've posted here several times before (his portrait by the Sartorialist).

Aesthetic inspiration:

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  1. hm... those stairwells look like eyes. maybe you can do eye make-up like the spiral stairwell. love the skeleton halter dress so much.