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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend of Rachel Dressing Me Blog Challenge, Day 2

Day two of Rachel dressing me included one of my favorite dresses (though I LOVE both of the dresses she picked for yesterday too--good job, Rachel! Yay!).

Today's dress though happens to be pretty damned see-through too, which I don't think comes across in these pictures. Funny thing when you spontaneously end up driving your bf's 16-year old son to a bbq with a bunch of pretty conservative folk. Still, when I was sitting down and they hadn't yet realized they could fully see my ass through the dress I was able to have some awful nice conversations.

Also, today Rach took like 200 pictures of various outfit details--today's outfit was all about details.

Hussein Chalayan dress, Ann Dememeulemeester Sandal Heels, Alexis Bittar Bracelet, Handmade Feather Earrings, Handmade Beaded Viennesse Necklace, Ray Ban Sunglasses


  1. Brave. In so many ways. I mean, the style I love. To a BBQ??? Wow. I would have food all over that, and I wouldn't have even had have to eaten!

    Is that proper English? I told you. Anyway I love this on you.

  2. i love this dress, and i *really* like the feather earrings with it. the white specks are a really nice detail. and you know, showing the world a little cheek is often a very good idea.