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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend of Rachel Dressing Me Blog Challenge, Day 3

Plaid Button Up Man-Shirt, AA Jersey Skirt, Studded Belt, Angel Wing Ring, White Knee High Chuck Taylors

So, last weekend my friend Kate and I took up a blog-and-dressing challenge where we had to pick someone that would see us everyday for three days and let that person dress us for those three days without any intervention or interference from either of us--they got to pick.

I fell into camera troubles the whole time and so day 3 happened but posting the pics got delayed. Here they are finally. For day 3, Rachel said she wanted to take the challenge of dressing me in someone else's clothes. She borrowed my friend Nick's shirt and tried to put it on me as JUST A DRESS--that is, I'd be wearing the button up shirt as the only covering of my torso AND legs. Nick's a tall (6'4") guy so his shirt's pretty loose on me. Rach was thinking that looseness would be enough to make it long on me too. Once I actually put it on though she THANKFULLY realized it was a bit short for such ideas and added a skirt underneath. phew!

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