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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to Spend the Summer

Summers I spend in cities much to hot for red wine--Toronto, Montreal, Memphis, among others. Instead, when I'm ready for a glass of wine, I spend my summers drinking rose. A couple of posts ago I mentioned my now favorite wine blog. I'll leave it to her to do a fine-tuned analysis of our favorite beverages. But I'll be flying to Montreal this weekend, where I'll no doubt drink Rose, since I've gotten a couple of my friends there hooked on it too.

A few of you like to ask for outfit recommendations to go appropriately with food and drink. Rose is definitely about being casually, comfortably chic in the heat, so I recommend wearing loose, light fabric and smile-filled thirst.

This year I've taken to sparkling brut rose. Following are two of my favorites.

Going French--Bellefon Brut Rose Champagne
Nice tight bubbles, firm and focused flavor, creative fruit-filled blend, thus:

Appropriately paired with John Galliano, S09

Going American--Soter Brut Rose, Willamette Valley
Coppery-colored, fresh, full bubbles, with fruit and honey taste, and creamy feel, thus:

Perfectly paired with Jil Sander, S09

For good value (that is, tasty and affordable) still (not sparkling) rose:

Adelsheim Rose, Willamette Valley
Casual, perfumed, french-oak flavor with crisp-clean finish, thus:

Best paired with Bottega Veneta, S09

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