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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One for the Norwegian

Brilliant Plaid Combination,

A few posts back I focused on interesting men's clothes, the worry being that men were sidelined to their pants and button-up shirts. That post sought to extend possible men's attire to boxing gloves, and pajama-styled suits. Today we're going to go ahead and focus on the charm and wit that pants and a button-up shirt can offer. My bff has a love for bow-ties and plaid, so these outfits are posted as celebration of pattern combination, and as dressing inspiration for those with similar interest in old school snap.


Thom Browne, F06 *on ice*

I know you like bow-ties, H, but, honestly, with this outfit I think it would be too much.

Yohji Yamamoto, F08

And when you're older, but still committed:

Blue Plaid Scarf,

last three images from

While planning your plaid, and patterned combination, remember the apparent lesson learned from years of experience, as represented by the last image: when all else fails, a beer can make you happy.

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  1. I have a picture for you. A certain individual that you may know who falls into the underadvanced agegroup wearing Baby Gap. I could not figure out how to attach a file in comments so I will e-mail it to you.