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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Rooftop Bar Personality Test: Installment 2

Here are the results of your Personality Test!

Verses Sky Terrasse, 100 Saint-Paul Street West

"deceptive websites all around" --Enoch

Verse Sky Bar, Hotel Nelligan

The Question:
Imagine It: You're stuck on a rooftop bar for the rest of your life with two friends, and one type of drink. Where's the bar, who are the friends, and what is the drink you choose?

The Bar You Selected:
You want a quick answer to your interests, and when you decide what it is you're interested in, you want it to be exactly how you've asked for it. Admittedly, this demand for things to be just as you've asked for them, and quickly, is often at the sacrifice of quality. You've, unfortunately, eliminated the room for creative fulfillment of desires, by instead opting for exact, and speedy response to them. Your challenge will be in learning to invest in the benefit of the long term pursuit. By expecting your whims to be fulfilled as soon as you have them, it turns out you sacrifice what it is you likely want at a deeper level. In other words, your personal development is much like that of a sophisticated teenager. That is, you have lofty ideas, but don't yet know how to implement them. Keep working on it, stick to the long term goal of developing yourself too, and you'll turn your goals into a worthwhile expression of your desires. You've got the appropriate ingredients for fulfilling your dreams. You just need to put a little more work (and time) into making them happen.

The Drink You Selected:
You like lower-mid range drinks that sound snazzy whether the taste fulfills the expectation or not.

The Rooftop Bar Review:
The cosmopolitan
The cosmo tasted like either a bunch of sweettarts smashed up and mixed in juice, or like a melted freezie. I poured it on the floor (outdoor wood planks) to be more polite than leaving it there full seemed like.

The worst drink on the menu--mango mania
A mix of orange juice, vodka, rhum, and mango, the mango mania tasted like a bad mango smoothie. You couldn't taste or feel the alcohol in it. Luis commented that it was a drink for teenagers, and then left it unfinished.

The open palate--chivas regal with a side of soda
The chivas arrived watered down, and on ice, with a side of high-mineral content soda water. The soda was served in a pouring container, rather than a drinking glass. Chivas is the only scotch option on the menu.

  • 2 flags
  • Drunkenness Danger Factor: Perfectly safe drunk danger factor for accessibility; Inconveniently accessible drunk factor on the bathroom
  • The Paper Grade: C+
  • The Appropriate Guest: The irritating tourist that would pay your bill
  • The Narrative: A friend of mine from the U.S. Southwest told me a story about how after he and his first wife divorced she was determined for them to remain friends anyway. He went along with it, but admittedly resented the way she pretended like nothing had gone uncomfortably wrong between them when she left him for another man. After she and the new man got married, her new husband was offered a job in any of three towns in Colorado--Colorado Springs, Greeley, or Gunnison. The woman called her first husband, my friend, to ask for his advice on which town she and her new husband should move to. The first husband, afterall, was from Colorado and so would know the state better than she did. "Greeley" he told her, then hung up the phone. Greeley was the one area he'd never spend time in the state. It's known for smelling like cattle poop since the town is full of high-density cattle farms, and the city itself has no sites of real interest (as far as my friend is concerned). The ex-wife took his advice and she and her new husband moved to the cattle poop center of the state for a job. If rooftop bars in the Old Port of Montreal were cities in Colorado, this place would be Greeley.
How to Get There:
At the top of Hotel Nelligan, located at 100 Saint-Paul West, just West of Saint-Urbain, Verses Sky demands an elevator ride to the fifth floor, then a walk through the hotel halls to a small staircase out onto the rooftop terrasse. The view allows for a look at other buildings in the old port, as well as a glimpse at the old flour refinery to the south. The hotel itself is charming, with a enough well-regarded restaurant on the first floor. Verses Sky though is hardly worth a visit. It's music is too loud, and poorly played out of tinny speakers. The glaring-white dock lights hurt the eyes, and are hardly complimentary to anyones complexion. The service is slow. On the upside, there is enough seating that if you end up too close to the speakers, or the lights, you'll likely be able to relocate. However, don't expect the drinks to make up for the other poor features. The taste is substandard, and the price too high. Martinis--$10. The kitchen closes at 10 p.m.

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