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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Road Trip with the Family

"I wonder why some people get the kinda boats they do." --Dad

"Same like some people get their kinda cars." --Mom

"But look at that boat." --Dad

"Huh. What would you use that boat for?" --Me

"Oh! That's that old-timey kinda boat. That's a boat you have to show you're so proud for keeping it." --Mom

"I wouldn't take that boat even somebody gave it to me." --Dad

"Oh. Yeah, I've seen one of those boats in the movies. Why's he got that flap open?" --Mom

"That's just the breather for the engine. The engine needs air. (pause) Look. Now he's gotta get his charts out so he knows where he's going."

(Mom laughs.)

"Well, I'll go take our bags to the car." --Dad

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We're staying in The Captain's Suite of the Channel Lodge in La Conner, Washington overlooking the canal, watching the boats go by. Today we'll drive, and take the ferry to Port Townsend, then drive along the inside of the Olympic Peninsula towards Portland, and into Willamette Valley. It's my parents' ideal vacation--salt water, boats, wine, a road trip, and their daughter and granddaughter along for the ride. I'll post pictures when I'm back home where my camera cord rests.

"God, there's nothing worse than waiting for someone to get ready, but waiting for someone to get ready in a boat." --Mom

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