No one knows what the body can do. -Spinoza

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Dear Lord Heavenly God, let this be me.

Daphne Guiness in the F 09 Nina Ricci's
(it's her gorgeous hair, and her frickin' overall excellence i pray for, rather than specifically the shoes, though they're beautiful too.)


  1. I am agog. Maybe I'll stop dying my hair jet-black, thanks to this photo.

  2. those shoes are pieces of art.

    AND, her overall excellence is augmented in my books by the fact that it appears that her shirt is being held closed (or helped to be held closed) by a plastic clothes-pin. wonderful!

  3. daphne guinness is my saviour. she's also quite smart, or at least well-read. such is the lot of the wealthy, sigh. she may be frequently pill-addled, but she speaks of using mcqueen frocks as lovely picnic tablecloths, and she's made a movie called _the phenomenology of the body._

    maybe aristotle was right about leisure. certainly not about women.