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Saturday, November 14, 2009

End of Season Report

Now that it's clearly Autumn in Flagstaff, which means the Mountain is covered in crisp, beautiful snow (I mean, really... God, I love this town. And wow, it's so beautiful here.), and we can no longer pretend it's still something like summer (it honestly took that long for the season to clearly change), I thought I'd do the kind of school work Americans are often required to do in elementary school. At the end of the summer, as a way of getting the kids used to doing school work, and getting the class introduced to each other too, teachers often make elementary school kids write a report on "how I spent my summer." So, if you want the honest to god truth on how I spent mine, here it is:

How I Spent My Summer
By Belaine Bhristine Brown

image from the Sartorialist

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