No one knows what the body can do. -Spinoza

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Praying with Clarity

Dear Lord, I know it is best to be as specific and clear in my prayer as possible so you know for what it is I ask. So, just to be clear in the fullness of this prayer, Lord, here is the side view...

D.G. with Francois Nars. Amen.


  1. for real, those alexander mcqueen shoes blow my mind. i appreciate them and what he's doing with them, and i see the aesthetic that is achieved with them, but wow... alien feet.

  2. the first outfit in that collection was the best. also, that's not marc jacobs but francois nars. marc and daphne just hosted that event.

    also i read somewhere that lindsay lohan and daphne guinness were hanging out at some point. i choose to believe that to be a bold-faced lie.

  3. yeah. i don't know why i said that was marc jacobs. i KNOW that's not marc jacobs. also, she's too good for marc jacobs.

    also, lindsay lohan does not exist in this world. LA LA LALA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR WHAT YOU JUST SAID THERE LA LALALALA LALA LA LA LA.