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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter From Captain Picard

Cadet Picard, image from memoryalpha

Dear Master Hans,

Congratulations on your recent accomplishment. You have succeeded in your work at the academy, and continue to face an incredibly bright future. In moments like these it is important to recognize the value of our accomplishments. You have worked hard and done something significant. I know your family is very proud, and rightfully so. Anthropology has always been a passion of mine. I admire you in your pursuit of it.

Your friend Elaine expressed that you are a fan, and requested I send you a picture from early in my career as a source of inspiration to you as you continue in your good work. With that in mind, I have enclosed the above picture of me as a Star Fleet cadet. May it remind you that as you complete these early steps, you look forward to an excellent future.

From the future,
Captain Picard

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