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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zombie Chicken Blog Power Heck Yeah

The Award

Okay, so. I just got a blog award from insanitykim, delivered over there via her blog. And you know what, heck. I blush a little bit. It's hardish to make me blush. So, not only have I gotten a blog award, I've gotten a physiological experience I don't commonly get to have too. Thanks, Nice-Nice Kim!

The Situation
So, the way these blog awards work you're usually supposed to hand them out to other blogs too. And here's the thing, the zombie chicken award is a medal given only to those blogs you'd go crazy commando hog wild covered in mud to read even though you're facing the end of the world and chickens are actually a serious undead threat. I mean, imagine, flesh-rotting but-still-animated chickens coming after you demanding corn, stealing red leather MJ style jackets to dance in along the way. It's a horrifying situation really. Yet even in the midst of that there are those of us that know we still need something good to read. Thus, the zombie chicken blog award for those blogs that even in the midst of horrorifying running and screaming we'd be pounding across the pavement actually thinking, "God, please let me find free wi-fi so I can access that blog via iphone while I escape."

If we did ever encounter such a situation, here's what I'd be wearing.

Current Givenchy, image from Italian Vogue

I recognize the above outfit is likely an unexpected choice when encountering the zombification of poultry the world over. But here's the thing, the only chance we've got in such a situation is the power of the unexpected, and honestly if I've gotten ahold of a dress as fabulous as Givenchy couture it's because I've also transcended the limitations of this human toil, having apparently become some kind of ultra-fantastic superhero superpower, and am fully prepared to use my powers of apparition to kick some serious zombie chicken ass, appearing, disappearing, and reappearing just like Dead Pool from X-Men, except better because I wouldn't be covered in scar tissue, and I'd be apparating for the sake of what's good. In this case, clearly, the good being philosophical insight via the power of the written word as offered in blog form.

The Zombie Chicken Award Winner
So, here's a chicken award. The zombie chicken seems to come with a 10-blog award point (that is, I can hand the award out to something like 10 other blogs), but I'm gonna start by awarding only 1, so that I can save 9 points to award later. Us single moms are always trying to save what we can.

The thing about me too is that I can't just hand these things out. I've gotta offer explanation for my choice. So here we go.

This Zombie Chicken Award Goes To:

1. Learning to Be: On the Phenomenology of Development, Life, and Human Life.

The truth of the matter is, are you ready? I know a lot of philosophers. It's horrifying really. It's a crazy world when you're surrounded by people that reflect on almost anything they do in their lives as if even pulling their own socks up can offer valuable insight into the human experience. I know some of you are laughing, thinking, surely not just pulling your socks up. No. Truly. Some of us really honestly reflect on things as mundane as pulling up our own socks and turn it into theorizing.

Here's the other thing though. The best theory does makes sense of every day experience. So, in that light, even pulling up your own socks, when done well, can be a source of great philosophical, and thus also personal, insight. Recently I pulled up both my socks and discovered after that they both matched and didn't match at the same time, and not only that, they both matched my underwear too. How, you ask? They're all striped. Different colors, varied stripe sizes, but all striped. How could I have done this without realizing until after? Isn't it strange, you reflect, that I could have gotten these things on while not actually paying attention, and yet also have chosen only items that have this one common feature? It's as if some part of me was actually paying attention the whole time.

Bad example, but it turns out some people have the ability to answer such questions. So, I offer the zombie chicken blog award to the newishly born blog "Learning to Be" for two reasons (1) the author is one of those people that has the power to theorize brilliantly on things in such a way to show us that what we sometimes take to be simply mundane is really quite profound (he has a whole post on the experience of making espresso), and (2) the author is also one of those philosophers that is so clearly a philosopher, while also being one of the most loveable, dear hearted, makes-you-want-to-love-all-philosophers sort of people that you can't help but offer him a zombie chicken (z.c.) when you have one. I honestly hope he puts the power of the z.c. on his blog as a blazing bright shining medal of how good, likeable, and smart he is, even as it may appear at first to counter the intellectual seriousness of his abilities. In the face of undead, dancing, corn demanding chickens he'd win.

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  1. Oh man, I read this twice and laughed so hard both times! Awesomeness. And, I was SO waiting to see what you would wear, and I am totally agog staring at that photo. Your blog of choice sounds fantastic; I can't wait to see where the corn demanding, dancing zombie chickens settle from here!

    So happy you liked it! :)