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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zombie Chickens and Pic-A-Day Blog Sites

As some of you recall, I've got zombie chicken awards to hand out. But here's the thing: look, dammit. If you're being chased by wild zombie chickens, it's probable that just before the chickens started coming after you there you were sitting next to your sister in front of a fine Parisian bistro with a gorgeous bottle of Krug, Grande Cuvee--it's pale honey colored bubble-touched excellence hovering against your mouth in the tall crystal flute it's been poured into--the bottle perched in the sterling silver ice bucket beside you. She'd be wearing that black fringe, 20's-style dress that looks so frickin' good on her, and you'd have on that green vintage silk, authentic Japanese kimono you bought from the friperie in Montreal. Both of you would be wearing deep, though solid, red lipstick, a touch of black eyeliner, and a standard ply of black mascara on perfectly curled lashes. Being in Paris, the important point would be, however, you'd both be relaxed in so much splendor.

Your (my) Sister in that Vintage Fringe Dress and Red Lipstick Mentioned Above

Then, out of no where, hobbling at high chicken-speed, these little zombie birds would suddenly appear pecking after you to demand you play 80's pop music, that you change into multi-colored leather full-body outfits, and, thus, that you completely (to be plain) fuck up your relaxed Parisian bistro fare. I mean, really. Who do these zombie chickens think they are?

In such case, there are two blogs you'd hope to high hell had survived the zombie invasion so that you could set them up on a multitude of laptops, and turn them on on the internet accessible tele-screens stationed around the world (like in Time's Square, and Downtown Tokyo) set at permanent repeat. To put it in more straightforward fashion: the following two blogs deserve the zombie chicken awards because they're the sites that would save us straight off, before things got bad, from the zombie chickens themselves. If you could get this mad poultry onto the internet, they'd be so consumed by the pic-a-day splendor of these sites, we'd have the chance to stop the flesh-rotting hens in their corn-demanding tracks.

The Zombie Chicken Award Goes To:

2. Why Eat?
This site showcases photos of what the Seattle based blogger happened to eat that day. Recently she's highlighted such excitement as "breakfast for dinner" and "sometimes chicken." (I wonder though, is it possible the "sometimes chicken" segment would actually piss off the zombie chickens more?) Her posts limit the commentary, but are charming and humorous in their close ups of plates from both restaurants and homemade meals.

3. Plastic Animal A Day
Judy Aldridge is well-known for her Atlantis Home blog, and for being the mother of Jane from Sea of Shoes. But even more charming is her on-the-down-low blog featuring photos of a different plastic animal scene every day. I mean, honestly. How more revealing of a person can you get than to discover that they pursue plastic animals with such voraciousness they can actually showcase a different plastic animal picture every day around the calendar forever?


  1. You make my eyes dance with your vivid descriptions and crack me up with those zombie chicken vignettes! Sweetness!

  2. alright, that photo of m. is amazing. i want to drink that champagne, and wear that lipstick. and i want to do it with both of you in paris.