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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Storm Watch and Wait

Snow has hit Flagstaff again. We're 2/3 of the way through an expected three storms in one week. In fact, half the town has gone ahead and postponed local events in advance, without even waiting to see if the weather people are right, and reports show that local grocery stores have been busier than even the holiday rush. People are stocking up in expectation of the biggest snowfall of the year. The third storm is supposed to bring 2 to 4 feet in a matter of thirty hours. It was also supposed to start tonight, but hasn't yet.

Public schools have already announced they'll be shut in anticipation of the trouble. Honestly, I think they probably just want a little vacation. Because the snow isn't falling, and the roads are dry. Unless it starts up soon, and comes down hard, my classes tomorrow are likely a go. The 10-year old's been home all week.

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  1. it is... 3 a.m. in flag. i wonder if it is snowing right now?

    it's thickly foggy in geneva. the clouds are sitting on us today, and somewhere above them the sun is shining in the mediterranean of the sky.