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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bleery, Snowy Hell Reveals Friendship and Blogging Friends

It is snowing again. I could die. Honest. It makes me feel like this:
Haute Couture Valentino

That is... fabulously cranky. It makes me feel fabulously cranky.

I mean, couldn't you kick the living sh*t out of anything that moved wearing that outfit? Except, without your even moving. Just sit there. Just like that. Just sit there like that and look at creatures that dare go near you. Or, don't look at them. NOTHING will mess with you when you sit there like THAT.

I think the honest truth though is that right now I actually look just like this:

Yup. That really is honestly me. Tired. Worn out. Over it. Whatever "it" was at the moment this picture was taken. "It" now being this snow.

The ridiculous thing is, it isn't even snowing very hard. It's just that the storms we got a month ago were so hard and heavy hitting nobody in town wants to see it anymore. It's a good vivid indication of what post traumatic stress disorder must be like, for those of us that wouldn't otherwise know. Something happens so intensely, that even long later things that only very slightly resemble that intensity are still troubling.

Yes, hello, doctor? I have ptsd. ... In regards to what? Oh. The snow. I have ptsd from the snow.

Not that ptsd is any kind of joking matter.

Last week I was really tired, and I didn't have any plans that night, so I went into my room and got dressed up. I'd been wearing just jeans and a t-shirt all day and really needed to change my mood. So, I did what any completely wise person would do in such a situation. I completely changed my clothes, and then laid back down on the couch.

This is what I wore:

See how you can tell I'm still tired, like in the last picture. But at least I look like I have the CAPACITY to move, if I have to, and also like at least I might be interesting enough to interact with?

But this brings me to the real point. That last picture I only even have because my good friend Kate has been living in Geneva for the last six months. And the thing about living anywhere for only six months is, it's kind of hard, even while from a distance it's so utterly romantic, and idyllic, and life changing and blah. blah. blah. Really, if you're living somewhere for only six months you don't have your good friends there, chances are. And you don't know the place super well, chances be. And you know you're not rooting down cause you're already planning on leaving. You know, in just six months.

So, such situations are good reminders of how important friends are. But also, of how friendship can be expressed and can help through the expression of no end of good things. Really, it turns out friendship can be all about really creative, and sometimes pretty sideways-attack, problem solving.

For example, one of the ways she and I have dealt with this leads me to explaining why I have that last picture. That is, we've dealt with her absence, partially, by putting together outfits and then sending each other pics of them. Or, just a list about them. Or, links to things we'd put together in an outfit if we had them to do that with. Cause when we last lived in the same town and it was snowing to high holy hell outside and we didn't want to be out in it anymore, we'd meet up at my apartment, and raid my closet, and put on outfits, and then just go sit down on the couch and drink a cocktail. And then whenever it was that the mood hit us again, we'd bounce up and change again. And that would be the extent of our activity for the evening. And honestly it's some of the most fun I've ever had. Not because I don't do other awesome great fun things. But because, holy heck! It was us hanging out, being creative, and silly, being FRIENDS. And so now, though we can't share the closet literally, we can share it virtually. So, for six months, that's what we've been doing.

It's funny how such a little creative act can give you a project that helps make the time go by a little easier, and make it seem like at least you accomplished something.

Today, again, I'm gonna focus hard on laying on the couch just like this:

That is, blurry, as I cross my eyes to avoid seeing the snow.

You, like me, can also keep up with Kate as she prepares now, after six long months, to move out of Geneva, and then travel around Europe, before returning to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She's just started a blog, Agathos. I'm hoping she'll post pictures and reviews of her adventures from the next couple weeks of adventure around Europe, and then of the next months and months as she roots back down at home in Canada.


  1. I give this post 10 thumbs up, since I can do what I want, and I certainly would if I looked like that picture...

    Your tired worn-out look is super cute too BTW, seriously, slightly jealous.

  2. found you from insanity kim. i feel much the way you do in your picture except far worse b/c i am 40 lbs over weight and i don't fit in anything that isn't double reinforced with elastic.