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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Future of This Possible World

image from The Sartorialist

In some really exquisite closely-on-its-way future I've just met this man and we've fallen in love and are about to spend the rest of our lives together super happy, by which we know means relishing in a simple, beautiful, co-creative, mutually engaging and supportive life that we plan together. Oh! I love him.

While we're at it, I'm also making my living as a writer, teaching a couple of classes because I enjoy it and whoever I'm teaching for has asked me to, I've got enough money to live on without real worry, my daughter is thriving and expressive and happy, and our Rosie Bird still enjoys flying around the house when we're home during the day.

It's a wonderful life, really. And it strikes me, that much of what I'm describing isn't far off from the life I actually live. Boy! I'm happy, and grateful. Amen. Again, Amen.

* * *
Post Edit: So, of course I'm imagining a possible world in the whole section above. It's an imagination exercise, right? But, now, having said that look at this:

picture taken by Carol Bily Hagen

That is a picture of me taken back in December in the depths of Flagstaff winter, and I'm honestly sitting outside here surrounded by four feet of snow, and it's FREEZING. But all that's a side note.

Here's the main note: Do you see? Do you see how this man and I are made for each other? There's something in our countenance that is so so simpatico (and I hate the use of that word).

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  1. Love it! All actual and realized and dreamed can bring joy to our lives!