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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mom From Futurama Gets Dressed, Then Sponsors, and Recommends High Fashion

Mom's Public Persona "The Kindly Grandma", Futurama

Okay, it's a fact that some of us completely loved Futurama while it lasted and have missed it terribly since it's been gone. But, we're in luck. It turns out Mom, that oil producing, greedy, chain smoking billionaire antagonist of the show has her money to spend, and she's pumping it straight into the fashion industry. Thank god. What with Phi closing its doors and not even producing its S10 collection, Yohji Yamamoto, and Christian LaCroix filing bankruptcy, Martin Margiela not only invisible as he's been for the last decade, but now also not even inside the house that bears his name, and Oliver Theyskens no longer at Nina Ricci we need someone rich (and fictional) to do something to cheer us up. So, Mom's looking in her pocket book and sending her design suggestions to the remaining fashion design houses of the world.

Behold! Mom's advice on how to dress high fashion.

We know how Mom tries to look for the sake of the public. But here's her top tips for how to dress in your down time, with her advice being focused on how to take her look and make it your own.

Mom's favorite boots, and blue catsuit:

Mom's boots and catsuit for you:

Prada, F09

Narcisco Rodriguez Blue Velvet Catsuit, S07

Mom dresses her idiotic sons:

How to dress your son:

Damir Doma, S09

In case one of your sons ever claims he wants to get married, Mom suggests, you want to get along with the fiance's parents, so first meet them for tea:

Chanel S CTR 10

Then, Mom suggests, intimidate the hell out of the girl, and make her sign a pre-nup. When it comes time to attend the wedding, remind them who's actually in charge:

Chanel, S CTR 10

Finally, while dancing during the reception if you suddenly realize it's time for you to get married to a man far too young for you, and that you barely know, but will never ever tell you what to do, after he signs the pre-nup, walk down the aisle to your own wonderful wedding:

Chanel, S CTR 10

Congratulations, Mom! We couldn't be happier for you, and thanks for the advice. Glad to see you've been able to inspire Chanel!

** Post edit: Today having caught up on the recent posts from Sofie over at Modediktat I see she had the same idea regarding Chanel's hair and mom's hair. Check out her recent post.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, two great minds thinking the same ;) I love the way how you made this posting! How you included her idiotic sons and her thigh high boots!! So cool!
    I recognized that I don't visit your blog as often as I should do! (Didn't blog too much at all during the past months, but should read more regularly!! So I have added you to the Daily Visits now.)
    Enjoyed it so very much!