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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Remarkable Reader Blog Awards to Four Totally Different Blogs (Three of Which Don't Know Me From Nobody)

A few weeks ago I received a blog award from a consistent awardee, and a dedicated awarder over at A Parent's Life To Be. It really is impressive how often she's at the receiving end of a blog award ranging from things like "She's so dog gone funny" to "I'd die to read you" (well, practically). I'm grateful too for her generosity in sending an award this way. Thank you!

The Remarkable Reader award is meant to go to blogs read regularly and with consistent enjoyment. Here's my list.

The blog award goes to:

1. Modediktat
Posting from Germany, Sofie has the sweetest heart, and a wonderful attention to fashion. On her blog she regularly includes fashion magazine editorial spreads, images she finds inspiring from various shows or online sites, and items from her own closet she adores. She also occasionally posts critiques of pieces she fell in love with by image but was disappointed by in person. I was lucky enough to come upon her last year mid-dedicated-search for a coveted pair of boots, and we've kept in contact online since via blog and facebook. She also has introduced me to a number of other wonderful fashion blogs, and events in the world of fashion. It turns out she has a knack for finding hard to find, high end items that she then resells on her ebay store. If you're looking for incredible treasures, you can count on Sofie to send them to you with warm wishes and prompt international shipping. Ebay can be intimidating for those new to online auctions. You've gotta learn how to spot a trusted seller. Sofie's modediktat shop is one.

2. Smitten Kitchen
The trouble with a cooking blog is there's a new recipe everyday. The trouble with Smitten Kitchen is every recipe looks like it's worth trying. When do I find the time? With items ranging from citrus and feta salad, to chana masala, to genuinely good cocoa brownies, this is a site for tasty (and tasting) readers. Posts also include recommendations on how to stock your own kitchen, how to select quality spices, and quaint little tidbits or anecdotes to brighten up the recipes.

3. Furniture Fashion
Ever wonder what it would be like to suntan your body with your head resting on a pillow that doubles as a face shade? Wait, how the heck is that supposed to work? There's a shade that props itself up from the pillow and is held there by the weight of your head. It blocks the sun from your eyes so you can rest more comfortably while you gather a tan on your body (and I guess not your face?). The site focuses on interesting designs of household objects ranging from gorgeous and unusual bunkbeds, to glass table tops, to mp3 pumping toilet paper dispensers. It's a pretty enjoyable read.

4. Saignee
The word saignee means "bleeding" (if you insert the proper accent over the first "e" back there first). In relation to wine it refers to the process of bleeding the juice off the grapes with only brief contact with their skins in order to make rose (insert proper accent over the "e" there). Mmm... rose. I love rose. Saignee is a smart and friendly wine and food blog that recently added the food. That is, it's writer, Cory, loves to cook and has been doing it for a while. It's just he only recently admitted it finally on his wine blog and now, for the new year, has added a focus on weekend dinners where (as the quotation of him a couple days ago posted on this here blog states) he cooks all day, drinks too much, eats good food with good friends, then wakes the next day feeling bad, but so happy for having done it just the same. It's a meal (with wine) worth reading about.

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  1. ELAINE!!!!
    Thank you so very much for your lovely words - for everything at all!!! I feel so overwhelmed and can't stop smiling! It feels so unreal to read something so beautiful about myself on your amazing blog!!! Thank you so much for passing me this blog award! I feel very honored.... It means very, very much to me, dear Elaine!
    I will rework it for sure within the next days. And will pass you one as well, sweetie! So you better watch out! ;)
    Meanwhile the new addition to your wardrobe is coming closer and should arrive within the next 2-3 days now.....
    Sending you many, many hugs and a big kiss!!!
    Yours, Sofie